Hair Growth Tonic

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A very good and effective product. Promises to deliver desired results.

This product is mainly suitable for the people of seborrheic alopecia in early stage or the improvement of damaged hair.

1. Unscrew bottle lid, cut the bulge of rubber stopper, and apply the tonic on the hair-loss part directly. Massage scalp gently with fingers to boost absorption.
2. Unscrew the bottle lid and replace the rubber stopper with attached nozzle in the box. Spray the tonic on the hair loss scalp directly. And massage scalp gently with fingers to boost absorption.

Use twice daily, each time applies 5ml -10ml.

For external use only. People who are allergic to alcohol should be cautions in using. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes with water, Keep out of reach of children.

Be stored with a tight lid in the cool places.
Net weight: 120ml
Shelf life: 3 years


This product is very popluar to women, specially for soft hair, if use it with 101B tonic the effect will be better. When you apply the tonic on the scalp (also you can easy apply the tonic by a tonic apply tool which you can find in our store), massage for better penetration. Remember don’t wash your hair in about 4 hours after you used the tonic.

Hair care treatment is a long time treatment. It need to take about 3 months to repair the hair follicles. That is, if you intend to start a hair care treatment, you muset insist to at least three months everyday treatment. Some people with seriously hair problems may take about one to two years treatment. Secondly, it needs a period of time to take a process between growing up hair and hair restore finally health, also need updating in growing up new hair and hair fall off again for several times in order to finally became strong healthy hair. therefore, please don’t stop your hair treatment when you first saw your new hair regrow up, it is just a little effect the treatment is just at a beginning.
When your hair follicles become very healthy and strong, it can grow more, strong hair that you have successfully got healthy hair .


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