Zoomreal Teeth Whitening Kit

2,500.00 2,000.00

ZoomReal Premium Whitening Gel
Penetrates into every corner of teeth which have become discolored due to accumulation of food and smoking on the porous structure of teeth surface, ultimately removing color substances.
A very good and effective product
– Teeth whitening program completed over 2 weeks once a day. If applied on the discolored teeth, it will gain its original color
– Easy portability and practical design. Easy portability and can be used anywhere regardless of venue
– Same substances as whitener used in dentists. These substances have been proved for its whitening effects
Brief Instructions
– After brushing the teeth make sure the mouth is dry before using teeth whitening kit
– Take an injection, open the whitening surface and paste it on the teeth
– Leave it for 30 minutes and make sure not to shut your mouth for 30 seconds after applying the gel


How to use

1. Before whitening, use tissue & towel to wipe moisture remaining on the teeth after brushing them.
2. Open the cap, apply a fixed quantity of the whitener thinly from the upper teeth to the lower teeth on the exterior evenly.
3. After the whitener is applied, do not close the mouth for 30 seconds to ensure that the lips and teeth do not come in contact. After 30 seconds, once the protection layer of whitening substance is created, get back to whatever you were doing then rise or brush your teeth after 30minutes.
4. Excessive whitening isn’t good. Zoom Real Kit 2 is safe. Although it takes time, once over 2 week project makes teeth extremely white.


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