Our Process

  • Idea

  • Plan

  • Design

  • Deliver


Any design you can imagine can be made into a beautiful tattoo. Bring all your ideas and references… postcards, printouts, photos, etc. to create your own custom body art.


We use the latest technology to draw astonishing tattoo and for our removals too. With 3 years track record in the industry, all our procedures concur with industry standards.


We draw temporary tattoo. Our temporary tattoos can be removed easily by following a couple of steps (procedure) that ensures a seamless and painless removal process


We offer a variety of piercing services including earlobe, helix, forward helix, anti-helix, flat piercing etc, on various parts of the body such as ears, facial, oral, surface, surface-anchors, body and genitals.


We install the absolute best jewelry available on the market, made out of implant grade metals, palladium based gold, or Pyrex appropriately sized for the person who is receiving the piercing.


We treat all piercing with utmost care. We follow the exact same universal precautions designed to prevent the transmission blood borne pathogens.

Pink Lips

Supple, soft, and pink lips are something everyone desires, after all they enhance the beauty of your face. But due to harsh weather, wrong food habits, and lack of proper care, our lips may loose their natural pink hue and turn darker. But you need not worry cause Shahorla-BS Pink Lips Balm provides a lasting solution to this problem. If you love to have makeup free days on a regular basis and you wonder how to keep your lips naturally pink  then our pink lip balm is the magical product you’re missing out on.

  • Are you suffering from dry, chapped and dark lips?
  • Do you dream to have soft pink lips naturally?
  • Would you like to remove discoloration, pigments or darkness of the lips

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Online Store

We don’t offer services alone, we also provide you, our customers with the best beauty products guaranteed to give you that face uplift as soon as you start using them. All our products are sourced from authentic producers home and abroad, Beauty products available for sale spans through our full range of services. With our fully secured online transaction modules, high quality products and fast delivery or pick up system quality of service is assured. Click the button below to visit our store and see for yourself

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Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal by shahorla tattoo and beauty studio

Facial Treat

facial treatment by shahorla tattoo and beauty studio

Mole Removal

mole removal by shahorla tattoo and beauty studio

Stretch Removal

laser stretch mark removal by shahorla tattoo and beauty studio

Other Services

White Teeth

teeth whitening therapy by shahorla tattoo and beauty studio

Breast Enlarge

breast enlargement vacuum therapy by shahorla tattoo and beauty studio

Perm Eyebrow

permanent eyebrow by shahorla tattoo and beauty studio

Gold Teeth

gold teeth by shahorla tattoo and beauty studio

Price List

  • Tattoo

    • Portrait Tattoo – N20,000
    • Basic Tattoo – N5,000
    • Beauty Spot – N3,000
    • Pink Lips – N15,000
    • Eye Brow – N10,000
    • Body Slimming – N35,000
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  • Piercing

    • Tongue & Eye – N10,000
    • Nose & Ear – N3,000
    • Navel & Mouth – N10,000
    • White Teeth – N5,000
    • Gold Teeth – N5,000
    • Gap Teeth – N5,000
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  • Enlargement

    • Breast Enlargement – N30,000
    • Hip Enlargement – N30,000
    • Penis Enlargement – N20,000
    • Breast Firming – N25,000
    • Hip Firming – N25,000
    • Chick Firming – N25,000
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  • Removals

    • Stretch Mark- N25,000
    • Tattoo- N50,000
    • Hair – N30,000
    • Scar – N50,000
    • Spot – N50,000
    • Mole – N50,000
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800Tattoos Drawn
400Tattoos Removed
500Piercings done
600Stretch Marks Removed